Monday, March 26, 2012

Medicinal Plants

Verbascum thapsus- common mulleinUsnea sp.Cauliphyllum thalictroides- blue cohoshCauliphyllum thalictroides- blue cohoshCauliphyllum thalictroides- blue cohoshCimicifuga racemosa-Black cohosh
Stellaria pubera-great chickweedViola triloba- 3 lobed violetViola pensylvanica-smooth yellow violetViola sp.- violetViola pensylvanica-smooth yellow violetSanguinaria canadensis- bloodroot
Mahonia bealei- leatherleaf mahoniaMahonia bealei- leatherleaf mahoniaMahonia bealei- leatherleaf mahoniaVinca minor- Artemisia vulgaris- mugwortMelissa officinalis- lemon balm
Plantago lanceolata- english or narrow leafed plaintainRumex crispus- curled or yellow dockGalium aperine- cleaversLamium purpurea- purple dead nettleStellaria media- common chickweedGlechoma hederacea- ground ivy, creeping charlie

Many of these were photographed at The Funny Farm. Others were photographed at Foxfire in Mountain City, GA where I am taking a 10 weekend, year long Traditional Chinese Medicine workshop.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bug Drawings : A Pattern Language

I came across a log this morning while building a hugulkultur bed (more about that in another post). It was covered in markings made by beetles feeding on the cambium layer just inside the bark. At least I think they were made by beetles.

The markings are very beautiful. They look like runes or glyphs, a language i am unable to decipher. I got the feeling that there is a message for me on this log. I just have to figure out how to learn the language.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

State of The Funny Farm - March 6th, 2012

The front garden is a'bloom and a'buzz

Many seeds have been planted

Beets and carrots were harvested to make room for new crops

Compost is cooking

Seedlings are growing quickly

New greens have sprouted

Logs have been harvested for inoculation with reishi spawn