Thursday, November 8, 2007

Reuse, Recycle, Reduce

I'll be putting the cardboard on the ground in the garden paths which i will then cover with wood chips, a layer of mushroom spawn, and more chips. In 9 months or so we'll be harvesting mushrooms in our garden paths. Cardboard is a favorite food of fungi and is a much better choice than landscape fabric under mulch because roots can't penetrate it , it is not made from petrochemicals, and you can grow mushrooms on it.
Someone posted a comment on yesterday's post suggesting this website The site provides you with the means to stop getting all those unsolicited catalogs that are mailed out by the millions every day. Below is an excerpt from a letter sent by Forest Ethics to the top 100 catalog companies about their practices.
Each year, US catalog companies send out more than 18 billion catalogs, over 200 for every family. Producing the paper for these catalogs has enormous negative impacts on the world’s forests, including endangered forests in the Canadian Boreal and the U.S. South – globally critical forests for protecting biodiversity and wilderness and stabilizing the world’s climate. Almost none of the paper used to make these 18 billion catalogs contains post-consumer recycled content. This is an industry-wide shame that must be addressed by reassessing your company’s responsibility for the welfare of future generations

Do something about it please.

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