Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're real professional farmers now!

There is a progressive community just up the road from us called Pine Lake. Through our blogs and network we put out the word that we were starting the Funny Farm to grow good organic food. I was contacted by a woman who lives there ( Hi Gwyneth) about getting some vegetables for a salad for 50 people for their progressive dinner party. So I hooked her up with the rockinest salad fixin's you've ever seen. Baby carrots, broccoli, red deer tongue lettuce, jericho lettuce, baby spinach, tatsoi flowers, dill, sorrel for some kick, 3 kinds of radishes, tomatos ( in December mind you).
And she actually gave me money!

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GBK Gwyneth said...

And the salad was fantastically delicious!!!!

My girls so loved the tatsoi flowers; they thought they were the best thing ever!

And tomatoes...ah tomatoes....lovely.

Looking forward to more! And such a beautiful photo, too!!