Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We Have Winter?

I just about forgot it was winter. The climate has changed so much in Georgia over the last 20 years. I remember when we'd get temperatures below 0º frequently the temperature would stay below freezing for a couple of weeks. It hasn't gone below 17º in many years and we don't get many days at all when the temperature goes below 32º. That is good for gardeners. We can grow vegetables year round with a little protection. The temperature is supposed plummet below 20º the next couple of nights so we covered our tenderest crops (lettuce and other greens) with frost cloth to protect them. Many people don't understand how frost cloth works to protect the plants (particularly the weather people who should stick to forcasting the weather because as bad as they are at that they are much worse at giving gardening advice). They goal is to trap the heat from the soil under the blanket to keep the temperature a few degrees warmer than it is outside the blanket. The edged of the blanket much be in contact with the soil all the way around to keep the wind from blowing under it. Use heavy objects to hold down the edges. We use bricks and rocks.

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