Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Race is On

I'm in a race to get plants moved out of the community garden and settled here at the Funny Farm before A. the thief gets them and B. spring advances so far that it is too late to move them successfully. Today i prepped the asparagus bed, dug up 13 crowns and settled them in. I was hoping that i would have until next fall to improve the soil before i had to do it but obviously I'm not the one in charge. The bed is in pretty good shape so i'm confident that the plants will do fine. I worked in some alfalfa and kelp meals after tilling the rye and clover cover crop under. After planting i topdressed with more alfalfa meal to feed the microorganisms as they break down the rye and clover. I sprinkled some of the super compost from the community garden over the bed to reinforce the existing army of microbes. I guess you could call it a surge with no timetable for withdrawal.
A few of the emerging asparagus stalks snapped off during the move so i felt compelled to saute them in some butter and consume. It has been a really long time since i've eaten fresh picked asparagus. I don't remember them being so sweet. Yummm!
Ok, i confess, they didn't really break off. I cut them off with my knife. I couldn't resist. I love asparagus. The rules say that one should not harvest any the first year. Well. technically this is the second year and since i got really good rootballs on them rather than being bare root, i figure it won't hurt to harvest a few more stalks this spring.
My pee is going to stink tonight!

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