Wednesday, August 6, 2008

tomato variety evaluations - The Rest

1. Rutgers - this tomato was developed in the 60's for disease resistance. It has good flavor, juiciness, and size. I will always grow a few of these for the sake of variety.
2. Taxi (pictured) - Taxi is a yellow medium sized variety. It is determinate which means that it eventually stops growing up so it works well in containers. The flavor is mild. It is juicy and attractive. When you cut it open there is a nice pink blush against the  otherwise yellow flesh. It ripens early. This year we had a lot of problems with the fruit rotting before it ripens. We have not had this problem in the past. We will grow a few of them in the future.
3. Arkansas Traveller- this is a medium sized tomato, dark pink in color. It has a mild, non-acidic flavor that some people don't care for. It does ok but not a star for us.
4. Tigerelle- This one has golfball sized fruit that taste good but they crack badly and the striping on the green fruit doesn't really hold up when it ripens. I find no good reason to grow it again.
5. Mortgage Lifter- a notorious heirloom but it doesn't do that great for us and there are other better tasting varieties.
6. Brandywine- I have never figured out what all the fuss is about.
7. Japanese Trifele (pictured)- This heirloom was much hyped in the seed catalogs this spring. As i said in an earlier post i had high hopes for it. What a disappointment. The fruit looks interesting at first but then it splits, gets disease, or is misshapen. Sadly it has little or no flavor at all. Tastes like water.
8. Tomato berry (pictured)- This is a new hybrid variety about the size of a golfball and shaped like a strawberry. It has good disease resistance  and it is very prolific. The problem is the fruits are hard and not very juicy . they are ok as paste tomatoes but will not replace Roma as a paste tomato nor grape tomatoes or sun gold as novelty tomatoes.
Next post will be about preserving the excess tomatoes. 

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