Tuesday, June 16, 2009


All components of the aquaponics system are fully functional now. The water in the fish tank is crystal clear. The fish are healthy and eating voraciously. The plants are looking good. Right now i have growing basil, marjoram, peppers, and oca (a tropical tuber producing plant in the oxalis genus). I will be adding my favorite komatsuna greens soon.
the one issue is that there is a lot of splash so i have to add water more often than i would like. I am using rain water so it is free. I will make some modifications that should reduce the splash a good bit. It does force me to do water changes which i probably wouldn't do otherwise. With the few fish we have i don't think it is necessary anyway.


KiwiGrower said...


Can you breifly explain why you are doing this "Aquaponics System"?
I've read about water purification or detoxing soil by filtering through soil and certain plant life that metabolizes bad stuff. is that what this is?


Robbyn said...

ok, it's official...you're a genius! Jack's very interested in aquaponics for raising fish someday. I'm basically afraid I'll kill off everything, quite expensively...glad he's more adept at some things than I am :)