Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cabbagegate Update

Many of you have no doubt heard about Georgia farmer Steve Miller being hit with a $5000 fine for growing too many vegetables. If not, you can read Deborah Geering's report on the situation. Deborah and I have been following this case for a year now. Steve is, or was, one of the vendors at the Decatur Farmers Market where I am the manager and also a vendor.

I spoke with Steve a few minutes ago. He went to court this morning. He said that he is going to be punished for his "crime" one way or another. He and his attorneys are trying to negotiate a deal so he can perform public service rather than pay a fine. Steve has offered to give free vegetables to the needy. That proposal was rejected. Now he has offered to teach organic gardening and sustainable landscaping to satisfy his public service. This is all still being worked out between the judge and his attorneys.

I will report back when I know more.


Anthony-Masterson Photography said...

Public service? Are we in dreamland here? Seems to us that as a local, sustainable farmer he performs a public service of the highest degree already.


Anonymous said...

OUTRAGE! Welcome to Amerika!

Deanna Kearns said...

Mr. Miller, You may not remember me, I have bought your veggies at the Decatur's Farmers Market (great lettuce I might add). I am now growing my own organic food and would love to offer my services to your endeavor any way that I can. IF you need help with working the land, or teaching in your "public service" I will be here for you and our cause. They may win your battle, but look at all that you have accomplished! You are igniting this revolution. Your case is showing the country what it is coming to. So, they may win this one. But fear not, and hold your head high. You, Sir, are changing the Country, right now. You are the face of this Food Revolution. "You control the oil, you control the Country. You control the food, you control the population." --Henry Kissinger.

Mike Lieberman said...

It's sad some of the backlash that's coming out against this guy for growing food and supplying it to people. I mean the nerve of him. Ridiculous.

Please continue to keep us informed and updated.

andrewodom said...

I am dumbstruck at the absurdity of my own home state. Come on Georgia. Seriously? We are punishing someone for growing their own food and then offering it to others for a small price? This is ridiculous. Please Duane, let us know if we can help Steve out even at this late date.

I appreciate your updates, my friend!

Anonymous said...


A bit off-topic:

Good to see your blog up and running again after that long hiatus that started back in March with your potato-planting entry.

Continued good health.


Anonymous said...

It occurred to me while reading the stories about this man that I guess the idiots would prefer he had a big green lawn that was constantly sprayed with dangerous chemicals - THAT would be OK! I know so many people that have health problems and little money who would LOVE to have this man as their neighbor.

duane marcus Facebook me! said...

Steve is back selling his produce at the Decatur Farmers Market on Wednesdays and Saturdays. As of last Saturday his punishment has not yet been decided. He will be punished in some way however.
As soon as I find out what that is I will let everyone know. Also we are working on putting together some sort of fundraising effort for Steve. Even if he does not have to pay the $5000 fine he still has very larger attorney's fees.

Bill, thank you for your support.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it would seem we have come to the point where physical action against those in power attempting to perpetrate this evil upon us is the only solution. 3 degrees of separation masks in the night and visits to the city councilors or other interests perhaps would fare better results than a bunch of hippy whining. The time is coming soon so steady yourself and get ready to make tough decisions. History should be screaming at us we've been down this road before. Are you going to get on the train or make it rain?

Rowdy in canada