Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter Organic Gardening Workshop Series

Our Winter Organic Gardening workshop series is now available for registration. Join us to learn how to take control of your food needs for yourself and your family by growing some of you own.

  • Organic Gardening 101 - Sunday Jan. 9th. Learn how to start your own organic garden. Topics covered will be soil preparation, the soil food web, growing nutrient dense food, garden planning, and crop selection
  • Starting Plants from Seed - Sunday Jan 16th. Get over your fear of starting plants from seeds. Topics covered will be choosing the right soil for seed starting, which crops are best started from seed, timing of seed starting.
  • All Natural Pest Control Strategies - Sunday Jan 23rd. Now is the time to start your pest control planning. Topics covered will be learning the good bugs from the bad, crop planning for pest resistance, attracting beneficial insects, organic pest control options.
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Organic Gardening said...

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