Sunday, January 15, 2012

101 Goals in 1001 Days- Funny Farm Style

I first discovered the meme at the beginning of last year. My friend Lara started her list then and has been steadily completing goals throughout the year and sharing her experiences along the way on her blog Food. Soil. Thread.
She has accomplished some really cool things which has inspired me to start my own list. Making the list was harder than i anticipated. It has taken me 2 weeks to create a meaningful list. I want the goals to be SMART goals for the most part.
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Timely
For the most part they are. Some will need more work to make them measurable. I believe they are all attainable and they are certainly relevant to me. The meme itself places the time constraint on their completion.

I consider this a living document, subject to refinement, updates, changes and so forth. It has certainly helped me focus on making the best use of my time and energy so far this year. With regular review i know i will make good progress on completing these goals.

Oh, look! I can mark the first one off my list :)
Goals with red type have been completed. Goals with green type are in progress.
  1. Use the word "meme" correctly in a sentence.
  2. Build a smoke house.
  3. Travel to another country 2 times.
  4. Visit the desert 3 times.
  5. Set up our vegetable processing station in the basement.
  6. Establish a regular yoga practice.
  7. Stop smoking cigarettes.
  8. Write and publish a book.
  9. Publish 3 articles in a national magazine.
  10. Set up a grey water system to use to water the garden.
  11. Increase our rain water harvesting capacity 3 fold.
  12. Get a new roof on the house.
  13. Get solar panels on our roof.
  14. Clean out and organize the barn.
  15. Acquire a ceremonial rattle from a rattle maker.
  16. Clear out and organize the basement.
  17. Go to an Acres USA conference.
  18. Write a blog post at least once a month.
  19. Learn to bake good bread in the cob oven.
  20. Finish the root cellar.
  21. Get a new warm coat.
  22. Learn to play my recorder.
  23. Go hiking in the mountains 12 times.
  24. Get the water in our pond tested.
  25. Get hearing aids.
  26. Have different friends over for dinner every 2 months.
  27. Regularly attend Atlanta Herbalist Guild meetings.
  28. See live music at least 4 times a year.
  29. Learn to make sausage.
  30. Learn to make pasta.
  31. Secure the chicken house and get new chickens.
  32. Build a top bar bee hive and start a colony.
  33. Build a duck house and get ducks.
  34. Get a freezer.
  35. Get a half of a hog.
  36. Host a pig roast.
  37. Get a half of a goat.
  38. Plant 10 more fruit trees.
  39. Learn the identity of 5 new birds.
  40. Collect wild chanterelle mushrooms.
  41. Make miso.
  42. Set up a meditation room in the den.
  43. Paint my bedroom.
  44. Plant a few Camellia sinensis.
  45. Ferment tea leaves from said plant.
  46. Make yogurt monthly.
  47. Make kim chee 4 times.
  48. Move our bank account to a credit union.
  49. Get a massage.
  50. Participate in a sweat lodge ceremony with a native American tribe.
  51. Practice drawing weekly.
  52. Build a rocket stove.
  53. Build another cob oven somewhere.
  54. Build 2 cold frames.
  55. Make a hugelkultur bed.
  56. Build a grape arbor.
  57. Use the bricks I collected to pave the gathering space.
  58. Sell the trailer we don't use.
  59. Get a physical examination.
  60. Organize my tools.
  61. Make a video about the funny farm.
  62. Get Funny Farm tee shirts made.
  63. Get the garage doors fixed.
  64. Organize the garage.
  65. Get rid of all the stuff I don't need.
  66. Eat less salt.
  67. Take better care of my health.
  68. Get a physical exam yearly.
  69. Organize my seeds and keep them organized.
  70. Get a new laptop.
  71. Learn how to use my new camera well.
  72. Develop a new business venture so Robin can work at home.
  73. Organize my digital photos.
  74. Teach a gardening class for kids.
  75. Let go of my anger and live a life full of love, compassion and empathy.
  76. Participate in a week long trance dance.
  77. Increase our fruit and vegetable production by 10% this year.
  78. Recycle all our electronic stuff.
  79. Re-read Carlos Castenada's books.
  80. Read 3 science fiction novels a year.
  81. Make a cheesecake topped with fresh fruit from our garden.
  82. Build a structure with a green roof.
  83. Get the composting toilet working again.
  84. Grow and sell $2500 in flowers at market this season.
  85. Hang my Tibetan prayer flags.
  86. Get new gutters.
  87. Give the clothes I don't wear to someone in need.
  88. Take a trip on a bus.
  89. Grow comfrey.
  90. Plant American lotus in the pond.
  91. Practice drumming weekly.
  92. Take the Annabel to the mountains.
  93. Go to the beach.
  94. Take a trip on a train.
  95. Do some volunteer work.
  96. Start a personal seed bank.
  97. Try eating acorns.
  98. Take an herbal medicine workshop.
  99. Teach a canning and preserving workshop.
  100. Build a coldframe.
  101. Grow olives.


The Frugal Hostess said...

This is amazing and inspiring. I'm going to make a list, too. What is a trance dance?

Lara said...

Wow! I have so many comments to make about your list! First of all - you have so many awesome things ( a cob oven?!) and will have so much more awesomeness when you are done with the list. Second - I love your goal to quit smoking. That was the hardest thing I have ever done but now I am so glad that I did! I love that your list is a mix of new things to try, skills to learn, fun things that you will do for your own pleasure, and utilitarian to-do's. Good luck! Also - I wish I lived close by so that I could attend your pig roast. I was just thinking how it would be cool to attend a pig roast where guests who wanted to could learn everything from slaughter to dressing to cooking.

Mark Allen said...

Great list!!! I could take it and not make to many changes!!