Monday, February 9, 2009

Be Fruitful and Multiply

The weather here in the south is crazy! Last week the temperature dropped to 16º. 3 days later it was 70º and has been for the last several days. Next week who knows. Spring will probably come in a rush now. The nanking cherry will probably be blooming by the end of this week. The brassicas we planted last fall are now bolting to seed.
Now we are in a rush to do any transplanting, pruning and dividing before it is too late. Today we divided the thyme, marjoram and oregano to finish out their respective beds. We have a couple of giant fig trees in front of the barn. I guess they must have been planted by the original owners back in the 70's. They have been neglected over the years so the low branches came in contact with the ground and took root. I need to get the big old things back in shape so i used my dingo to dig out some of the large rooted branches that are too close to the drive. I can now have access to the main trees to prune and pick the fruit. I got 2 smaller transplants that went into the front garden to complete the row i started along the street last year. The biggest one i moved with the dingo into a bed of daylilies. The fig clump has a wild grape vine growing in the middle of it so in one fell swoop we turned a bed with single type of edible plant into a 3-dimensional polyculture.
Permaculture in action!

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