Tuesday, February 24, 2009

When Communities work!

Last saturday i went with 2 of my friends to a workshop on starting a diversified orchard. We met in front of our former store in East Atlanta Village. When we arrived at Love is Love Farm, the site of the workshop, I realized I had left my camera on the wall in front of the store. It was too late to go back and i was sure my camera was gone for good. It was an expensive digital SLR and, given the fact that i am unemployed, i knew that i would not be able to replace it. Oh, well...
Around midnight that night i got an email from one of the people i went to the workshop with telling me there was a post on the East Atlanta Village Buzz website saying someone found my camera! I immediately went on the site and read the post. The poster said a friend of his had found the camera. I asked the poster to please ask the person who found the camera to call me.
The next day my wife went to work at Slush Organic market which is next door to our former store where i had left the camera the day before. A few minutes after she arrived an old friend of ours came in and said he had found my camera! Jim has been down on his luck for a few years now so he could have used the money he could have gotten from selling or pawning the camera but, being an honest person and a fellow photographer, he was determined to return it to its rightful owner.
He was very excited when he found out it was mine and he was able to return it to me. Jim is a great friend and East Atlanta is a community that works!
I am blessed!

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