Sunday, April 12, 2009

Chicken Run is Covered ... Finally!

We have been working on getting some hens for a long time now. We have lots of hawks here. I have seen 4 different species. Not doubt there are owls too. We did not want our chickens to end up as food for the birds of prey. We had a bunch of shade cloth which had been used over the greenhouse at our garden center (now closed due to drought and economic collapse). We used the shade cloth to cover the run to keep out the hawks and keep the chickens in. It will keep them cooler in our blazing hot summers too.
Bring on the hens!


Robbyn said...

Good job with that netting...we have hawks here that are almost like pets. We'd sure need that netting if we attempted chickens on this property :)

KiwiGrower said...

Sorry to hear about the Garden Center. I just discovered your blog so never got to see the place. The upside is it looks like you are able to spend more quality time with your garden, chickens, fish and everything!