Sunday, May 3, 2009

Tis the Season

We have been very busy this past month planting, harvesting, composting, fighting weeds, all that stuff that gardeners do in the spring. We have been eating broccoli, welsh onions, arugula, collards, lots of herbs. we started our yellow squash and zucchini in pots so we could get them in the ground as soon as we were sure there would be no frost. That was 2 weeks ago. We are trying to get ahead of the dreaded squash borers. I planted zinnias between the squash hoping that might confuse the borer adults a little. We already have a couple of baby squashes growing happily.
We opened up a new garden space during the workshop I teach. In those beds we planted red deer tongue lettuce, collards, cabbage and , just last week zucchini. The plants are growing well. Collards and lettuce are ready to harvest. As we expected there are lots of weeds in these beds but by regularly working them with the stirrup hoe we are about to get them under control.
I have never been very successful growing peas here in Georgia. I think my timing has been off. This year i planted the english pea variety Alaska which produces pretty quickly. Looks like we will get peas pretty soon.
On the back side of the pea supports i planted cucumber seeds a couple of days ago. They just started to germinate today. By the time they are starting to climb the support the peas will be done. If i am not able to remove the pea vines, no big deal. I'll just let the die off as the cucumbers climb over them.
We planted our first of many green beans this week. This one if the bush bean Provider a very tasty and prolific variety. We will follow the other row of peas with white half runners which do require some support. Later we'll put up the 6' fences and grow Fortex pole beans. Those beans are about 8-10" long, tender and delicious. We will have plenty of beans to can this year so we can have green beans all winter long. I love canned green beans.


wandering owl said...

Your garden looks awesome!

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Wow, look at all of that green! I can't imagine how you manage to keep the bugs and critters away.

I can't get my beans going. Pill bugs, of all things. Eat the seedlings right as they're pushing thru, and munch on the stalks each night until they fall over. You're not supposed to kill them, but I'm infested! Pill bugs, earwigs and black widow spiders. What a weird place, San Diego ...