Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Tilapia No Sireee!

Did you know you need a license to grow tilapia in Georgia? Neither did I. We now have 5 fish in our aquaponics system and they are NOT tilapia. It will take a month for them to grow and poop enough to produce enough nutrients to support plant growth in the plant raceway. In the mean time we have started a variety of plants to grow. Asian greens, basil, onions, lettuce and turnips. This will be a trial run to see what grows best so we can refine our choices when we build the larger system in the earth-sheltered, passive solar greenhouse later this year. The not-tilapia ;-) ;-) are doing well. At least the ones that decided to remain in the pool instead of leaping out the other night like the frisky big one did. By the time we found it it was ready to become food for corn and beans.
It was not tilapia no sireee!


Emily said...

why on earth would you need a license? is that some sort of revenue making scheme? are tilapia dangerous?

duane marcus Facebook me! said...

They are worried they will take over the waterways and out-compete the native species.However below 40º they can't reproduce and below about 30º they die so there is no chance that will happen in Georgia. It could be a problem in Florida though.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

Well, they might have a point. Sounds like the little not-Tilapia was trying to make a break for it! Once it flopped all the way down to the crick, it would be pretty darn mean! haha

Robbyn said...

I laughed when I read this! We can't have chickens and anything else dubbed "farm or exotic animal" at our place, so Jack asked about doves, 5-10. We got a call back from city hall weeks later stating that they are still researching the issue and have forwarded the question to their attorney to give a determination.

Sheesh!! :)


Antika Mondal said...

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