Monday, March 30, 2009

Aquaponics System under Construction

Today i gathered all the components for the aquaponics system. I found a 100 gal. tank I forgot i had so i can grow a lot more fish! I built the hydroponics bed and put everything in its place.
Tomorrow i will put the liner in the hydroponics bed and get the biofilter set up. Robin says she thinks there is a pump in the basement somewhere. If not I'll have to buy a pump. That would be the only component i didn't have lying around somewhere waiting to be used for something.
I will definitely be giving the system a trial run tomorrow.


David said...

Your not wasting any time are you? Looks good so far. Cant wait to see how it works.

San Diego Farmgirl said...

100 gallons, eh? How will this affect your fish production? What kind of fish? (Duh, delicious!)