Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Expanding the Garden

We are expecting a lot of rain over the next few days so i spent yesterday preparing new beds in which to grow herbs. My friend has a vegetable delivery business called Vegetable Husband and i will be providing her with herbs for her customers. Her business is expanding rapidly so i will need to grow lots of herbs.
I recently started twittering. At first i thought it was just another time-waster but as i have learned more about it i have found it can be quite useful. I found through twitter some very useful garden planning software called plangarden. It allows you to do a plan of your garden, record planting dates, harvest amounts, etc. Today i have been working with it to make a plan for the Funny Farm. I have recommended it to my workshop students and will be using it with my design clients to help them plan their gardens.
Check it out. Move the cursor over the plan and you can navigate through the plan.


Charles said...

Since this is the funny farm I just wanted to post a funny video related to agriculture:

duane marcus Facebook me! said...

thanks for sharing that. I especially liked the part where they blocked out the cow taking a shit.

Robbyn said...

wow those beds look great! Wish you'd send us some of that rain down here :)