Monday, March 2, 2009

The Funny Farm in the Snow

Yesterday we got our yearly snow storm. Everyone gets really excited here in the south whenever there is even a hint of snow to come. When it actually snows people go crazy. The bars fill up with celebrants who get drunk and drive in it. ( yes we've done it in the past). People who don't know how to drive are out and about being menaces to everybody else. We had an organic gardening class scheduled yesterday. We had gotten 10 pounds of worms for our students a few days earlier. We needed for everyone to pick them up so we would not have to care for them for another 2 weeks. Most of our students braved crazy drivers, falling trees, and downed power lines to come out and get their worms. Several were transplants from the north who were eager to get their worms and get back home to avoid the locals who don't know how to drive in even a little snow.
We lost power for a few hours so we built a fire in the fireplace. We sipped some hooch. We roasted potatoes, garlic and onions and had a nice feast. It was a lovely day.
We got 2". Wow what a storm :)

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San Diego Farmgirl said...

What fun! And it probably won't last long enough to require shoveling. Might even be able to say 'didn't last' by now.

If you think Atlanta drivers can't drive in the snow, you should visit Tucson, AZ after a mere dusting. (my parents live there) Total chaos, OH MY GOD! haha