Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preparing New Beds

Last Sunday in our workshop we prepared some new beds for planting. The week before it snowed the soil had dried sufficiently for me to till in the weeds and get the drainage working so the soil could be worked by the time of the workshop. We laid out the beds 4' wide so we would end up with a 3' planting area and a 1' path. I got this from Masanobu Fukuoka's influential book One Straw Revolution back in the 70's. He determined that 3' is the distance most people can reach so a person can work the whole bed from one side.
We raked the soil from the path area up into the beds to create a raised bed. We spread kelp meal for micronutrients and espoma plantone organic fertilizer for macronutrients. We harvested wormcastings from our worm bins and spread them about 2" deep over each bed. We leveled out the beds and voila´we are ready to plant.

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San Diego Farmgirl said...

Man, looking at those photos you'd never know you all just had snow last week!