Saturday, September 8, 2007

Baptism at The Funny Farm

It's a fact...We are not experienced canoeists or canoers or whatever. We are not even novices. But what the hell we have a canoe and we have a pond so lets go canoeing. We're paddling around chasing the jesus frogs as they run across the water and watching our resident hawk go after one of the unsuspecting ducks. Having ourselves a great ole time in the early evening calm before we head out to Mary's for the Queen of the Strut contest tonight in which our store manager Kate is a strong contender. We decide we've had enough fun for today so we head to shore. Remember now, we are not experienced canoeists (spell check indicates this correct). Robin proceeds to stand up in the canoe, step out on the shore and do a split, resulting of course in both of us ending up in the water and mud with the canoe on top of us.

The up side is, according to Robin, she ain't afraid of the primordial ooze at the bottom of the pond no more.

Praise Jeeeesus!

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