Thursday, September 27, 2007


We're making great progress here at the Funny Farm. We're now harvesting baby basil and cilantro and will thin the turnips and eat the greens for supper tonight. We prepared and planted 5 more beds with Happy Rich Greens (rich in vitamin A), lettuce mix, tat tsoi, collards (yummmm), and 3 varieties of radishes (can't wait for the one called Red Meat). We tilled up the front lawn and sowed clover and rye to make a faux lawn until the spring when we till it under and start planting food. Being the 'burbs the neighbors will think we're nuts (they'ed be right) but we don't care and they'll quit complaining when they get to taste our organic, nutritious vegetables for themselves.
Pray for rain, do a rain dance.

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