Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Paper or Plastic?

That used to be a question we were asked whenever we shopped at the grocery store. As a responsible environmental citizen I always thought it was a no-brainer. Paper please. I've heard it said that paper may not in fact be the environmentally correct answer after all.
Living in the suburbs has presented a whole new set of decisions i must make in my quest to save the planet. I now park my somewhat fuel-efficient medium sized pickup truck in my new garage. I got in the truck the other morning and reached for the garage door opener when a possible conundrum popped into my head.. Wait, i don't need to be using this battery powered device to turn on a light bulb (a real one that uses electricity) and activate a motor that also uses electricity to lift up the door.I can lift up the door using muscle power. So I did. Then i drove my truck out of the garage, put it in park then thought, well should i turn the engine off or let it idle while I get out and shut the garage door. Or, God forbid, would it be better for the planet if i just used the garage door opener.

I have no idea. Do you?


deSitter said...

In Germany, they charge for grocery bags, so people bring their own cloth grocery toters. Seems like a good idea.


duane said...

I'd like to see that implemented here in the states as well