Monday, September 3, 2007

An exciting day at The Funny Farm

Today is an exciting day here at the Funny Farm. I built a composting toilet! No' shit you're probalby thinking. Well it has always been a source of great frustration to me that i have had the flush such a valuable resource as feces down a toilet. Well, no more. The toilet is simply a box within which there is a rubbermaid container in which i put some active compost about 4" deep. After taking a dump i'll cover it with wood chips. The feces provides nitrogen and the wood chips provide carbon for the soil microorganisms to eat. When the bin is full we'll give it to the worms to clean up the bad microorganisms. Over time they will turn these tasty meals into rich food for plants. Since many people are not as enlightened as we are we will only use this compost on non-edible crops even though it is perfectly safe.

All the parts of the toilet except the screws are repurposed including the woodchips which were once brush here on the farm.
Another step toward sustainability. Yipppeee!


Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor that every contribution made to the composting toilet gets you a free bratwurst. I'm on my way over now!

duane said...

brats will be ready tomorrow