Sunday, September 23, 2007

MO' Money in the Bank

Before it's current incarnation as The Funny Farm, the previous owners of the property had planted lots of ornamental plants for their enjoyment. Well, our philosophy is "if you can't eat it, smoke it or sell it, it has no place here." So in keeping with that we have been digging up the ornamentals and potting them up in anticipation of selling them to our garden center in Atlanta, The Urban Gardener.
We now have over 200 variegated liriope, 100 or so daylilies, 10 premium lenten roses and almost 70 blackeyed susans. Thats about $1000 in the bank waiting to be collected next spring. Of course if it doesn't rain soon and a total watering ban is instituted in our market we'll be out of business. But we can't worry about that now. Don't worry about what you can't control, right?
There are other specimen plants here that we'll pot up a little later into the fall which will be mo' money in the bank.

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