Thursday, September 6, 2007

Kitty Loves Zinnas

Our cat, Kitty, loves to eat the zinnias that Robin grows organically in our community garden plot. She stands by her flower vase and howls until one of us comes over and holds a stem so she can rip off the leaves and petals and gobble them up. She's very picky though about her zinnias. The day after she moved to The Funny Farm Robin picked some zinnias for Kitty to eat that the previous owners had growing , hoping that they would make her feel more at home. Well, she would have nothing to do with those zinnias. When we went into the basement we found out why. The former owners stuck us with enough toxic pesticides to qualify us as a superfund toxic waste site.
We are happy to know that our cat upholds our standard of only eating organically grown food.

If only I can train her (kitty) to use the composting toilet....

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