Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I guess it's a good thing to start one's blog with a controversial subject but i never expected the amount of shit i've gotten from my friends about my composting toilet. Most of it revolves around "does it stink?". Well at first it did. My employees were working here at the Funny Farm when i first started using it 2 weeks ago and they complained to Robin about the smell when they came in to take a crap in the regular toilet. (no, the pussies wouldn't use the composting toilet. they even told her that it would be worthwhile for them to build us an outhouse.) BS! We've got our outhouse in house.
They we right, i must admit, about it smelling bad at first. But after 2 weeks the microorganisms have been feasting on the deposits and the smell has changed from shitty to earthy. Just like a compost pile should.
There have been several people who want to make deposits of their own, especially after my adopted son said anyone who did would get a bratwurt.
So come on out and make your contribution to the life of the Funny Farm if you dare!

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